I am Isabelle Dicaire
: Registered Massage Therapist and Intuituive Energy Lightworker

For over fourteen years – I have been helping people with various health challenges improve their quality of life.

“Over the years, I have refined my touch and acquired a deeper understanding of the body and its different systems, which has allowed me to develop new techniques to better address my clients’ needs.” 

I have also completed advanced training in myofascial release and craniosacral therapysomato emotional release, which contributed enormously to enhancing my sensitivity and the way I listen to the different systems of our bodies.

The idea is to see the body as a whole. For example, a short connective tissue (fascia) from the iliotibial band could affect the opposite shoulder and the organs it crosses along the way and tension in the craniosacral system in a particular spinal region could affect the tissues and the organs innervated by the nerve.

This is why I like to go beyond labels because I put all of my diverse massage therapy knowledge and expertise into practice to treat you as efficiently as possible.

Through experience and training, I have also learned that some chronic ailments can be linked to backflows of emotional energy and persistent stressors.

When certain ailments persist, sometimes it is necessary to pause and open up to new possibilities, including the possibility that certain emotions, events, and stressors, which have an energy discharge, may be affecting us, and that the body, which has stored these energies and tensions, is attempting to bring them to our attention.

“When I practice craniosacral therapy, I am actively listening to the craniosacral system. I follow its rhythm, which averages 6 to 12 movements per minute. I follow it and support it as needed in releasing these tensions.”

This is how, considering your daily activities, symptoms, and history, I will work with you to help you rediscover your overall sense of emotional and physical wellbeing.